The Fundraising Campaign ran from 1999 to 2005. It was chaired by the Hon. Ranald Noel-Paton, working closely with Sir Brian Ivory, chairman of National Galleries of Scotland’s Trustees, and the then-Director-General, Sir Timothy Clifford. The campaign was managed by Development Director Victoria Dickie until the summer of 2003 and then taken over by the current Development Director, Catrin Tilley.

The Campaign happened in two distinct but overlapping phases:

  • The Private Phase, when one-to-one approaches were made and a portfolio was sent to trusts, companies and individuals, with a view to support various parts of the project.

  • The Public Campaign, based around the Athens of the North Appeal, which enabled donors to buy an architectural feature on the Royal Scottish Academy Building. This could range from a humble leaf (£500) to the statue of Queen Victoria (£100,000). Approaches were made by telephone, letter, direct mail and in person. The Friends of the National Galleries of Scotland and the Patrons of the National Galleries of Scotland between them also raised funds of £200,000.

The total of £30.5 million was raised in the following way:

Scottish Executive £10,400,000
Heritage Lottery Fund
Fundraising Campaign