Celebrating Scotland’s Art will proudly promote Scotland’s art, dramatically improve the way in which it is displayed, and have brand new, custom-design spaces that will devote three times more room to Scotland's art. These spaces will be instantly accessible from the Gardens Entrance. Scottish art will take centre stage and enjoy the space and prominence it deserves alongside the international historic art on display elsewhere in the Scottish National Gallery.

The entire Gallery complex will become simpler and easier to get around. Once inside, the glass-fronted entrance of the Scottish art spaces will make this vital part of the collection more visible than ever.  

Design Team's long view of the new Scottish Art spaces

The Gardens Entrance will not only provide direct access to these spaces, it will also be completely reconfigured. Both the main Gallery shop and the café/restaurant area will become bigger and brighter. And there will be a grand, new staircase leading up to the Ground Level, where the international art is on show. 

Design Team's view of the introductory space leading into the new Scottish Galleries