The National Galleries of Scotland have worked closely with Kotikan, our technology partner, in the development of ArtHunter, a multi-platform mobile app. Dedicated project staff from each organisation focused on the project, which was divided into 7 phases:

  • Initiation
  • Communications and research
  • Content
  • Wireframe development
  • Creative development
  • Review of policies and implementation
  • Testing and release

Project teams

Internal to the National Galleries of Scotland, two teams have also been created who will support the project post-launch. A project team and content team have been formed, made up of staff from curatorial, education, security and visitor services press and digital media departments. The role of these teams is to provide feedback and advice on all phases of the project and to assist with ideas and creation of content for the app.

Market research

We conducted a market research survey with our visitors on how they might use their mobile devices in the galleries. This research was conducted at the three National Galleries of Scotland sites and the National Museum of Scotland. The results of the survey have been very useful and have informed the project.


Concerns within the project that have arisen have included the limited Wi-Fi availability within the National Galleries of Scotland and the realisation that this may not be resolved in time for the app release. Risk mitigation has taken place with Kotikan in order to provide the option of an app that can work offline. The brand concept has also taken longer than planned to finalise and agree, contingency time added to the project timeframes has allowed us to spend more time on getting this right as this will be how the app is represented in all digital, marketing, paper and on-display platforms.