In 2012 the National Galleries of Scotland partnered with leading mobile app developers Kotikan to create ArtHunter - a free multi-platform mobile app for art-lovers across Scotland. The app launched in April 2013 and is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

This project section details the process we went through from original concept development to launch. For more information about where to get ArtHunter and how to use it, go to our ArtHunter visitor information page.

Each month a themed set of must-see artworks is published through the app. Visitors collect the artworks and unlock extra content - super high resolution images, video, hidden details, etc  - and earn badges based on how many and which works they see. The app will start with sets based on the Galleries’ own collection and will then expand to include other galleries in Scotland.

The idea behind creating ArtHunter is to encourage people to see artworks they otherwise might not, bringing people into the galleries more often, particularly our local visitors, and inviting crossover between venues and audiences. For tourism, ArtHunter can work as an introduction to art available to view in Scotland.

ArtHunter is funded by the Digital Research and Development Fund for Arts and Culture Scotland, a partnership between Creative Scotland, Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Nesta. It is also supported by the Friends of the National Galleries of Scotland.

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The app is free and available now for both Android and iOS phones.


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