RSS web feeds

National Galleries of Scotland RSS web feeds now offers RSS feeds for some of the information on the site.

These feeds provide a different way to view and use the site's most popular and frequently updated information. The feeds are updated whenever new content is added to the site, or out-of-date information is removed.

The following feeds are currently available:

Blog RSS

Events RSS

Exhibitions RSS

Press Releases RSS

Online Collection Works RSS

Play ► RSS

What are RSS web feeds?
RSS web feeds are xml format files which contain basic text, links, and sometimes images. Because these files are free from layout and formatting, the file sizes are small and the content is very adaptable and reusable. They are often used to update content such as blogs, news, and podcasts.

How can I use a web feed?
If you are using a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, you can view the National Galleries of Scotland web feeds from the browser by selecting one of the feed buttons or links within the pages of the site. You can also choose to view any of the available feeds at any time by selecting the browser's own feed button. This method provides a basic view of the feed, which you can then subscribe to and bookmark in your browser.

You can also subscribe to any or all of the feeds using web-based feed readers and sites which include feed reader functionality.

A third option is to use a desktop reader application, which once set up will collect web feed information without requiring a browser. Popular examples include FeedDemon (Windows), Akregator (KDE), and RSSOwl (cross-platform).  All are free to download and use.

For more general information about web feeds and their uses, see the Wikipedia web feed article.