Policy Statements

Orphan Works

The National Galleries of Scotland are committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. Extensive efforts are made to establish the rightful copyright holders of artworks in the collection; however despite this we are still unable to trace certain copyright holders.

These artworks, with unknown copyright holders, are sometimes referred to as ‘orphan works’

Whilst wanting to maintain rights of consent of artists and copyright holders, we do wish to make artworks available to the public.

Below is a list of our ‘orphan works’. If you have any useful copyright information relating to these works, or have a legitimate claim to any of them, please do not hesitate to contact the National Galleries of Scotland Copyright Department on the details listed below.

Copyright Department
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
70 Belford Road
Email: copyright@nationalgalleries.org
Telephone: +44 (0)131 624 6258/6260


ALISON, Henry Young 1889 - 1972

BAIN, John Maxie b.1942

BITZAN, Ion 1924-1997

BLYTH, Robert Henderson 1919 - 1970

BONE, Phyllis Mary 1896-1972

CHUTE, Desmond 1895-1962

CLAPPERTON, Thomas John 1879-1962

COBURN, Alvin Langdon 1882-1966

D’ARCANGELO, Allan b.1930

DAGLISH, Eric Fitch 1894-1964

DIXON, James 1887-1970

DOBSON, Cowan 1894-1980

DOBSON, Henry Raeburn 1901-1985

DORN, Marion 1899-1964

DURWARD, Graham b.1956

EGAN, Felim b.1952

ELK van, Ger b.1941

EHRLICH, Georg 1897-1966

ERNEST, John 1922-1994

EWART, David Shanks 1901-1965

FEYZDJOU, Choreh 1955-1996

FLETCHER, Frank Morley 1866-1949

GOGOLIUK, Gennadii b. 1960

GOURLEY, Alan 1909-1991

GRECO, Emilio1913-1995

HENDERSON, Keith 1883-1982

HILL, Alexander Wilson 1867-1949

HURD, Peter 1904-1984

KENNINGTON, Eric 1888-1960

LION, Flora 1878-1958

MARIL, Herman 1908-1986

MATTIOLI, Carlo 1911-1994

MAVOR, Osborne, Henry 1888-1951

McEWEN, Rory 1932-1982

McLEAN, John b. 1939

MEDNIKOFF, Reuben 1906-1975

MESTROVIC, Ivan 1883-1962

NAIRN, Andrew 1903-1993

NEILSON, Lil 1938-1998

NEWBERY, Francis Henry 1855-1946

NIVEN, William 1890-1947

PAULIN, George 1888-1962

PELLEW, Claughton 1890-1966

PEMBERTON, John 1908-1960

PIBWORTH, Charles James 1878-1958

RIMMINGTON, Edith 1902-1986

RIVERS, Robert b.1950

ROY, Jamini 1887-1972

SANTOMASO, Giuseppe 1907-1990

SHELESNYAC, Henry 1938-1980

SCHULTZ, Harry 1874-1958

TANNER, Robert 1904-1988

TOFT, Albert 1862-1949

VAIL, Laurence 1891-1968

WATERSON, David 1870-1954

WESTWATER, Robert Heriot 1905-1962

WILSON, Cyril 1911-2002

WILSON, Leslie Hamilton 1883-1968

WRIGHT, John Buckland 1897-1954

WYSARD, Anthony 1907-1984