Policy Statements

Ethical Fundraising Statement

The Senior Management Team, chaired by the Director-General is responsible for dealing will ethical issues associated with fundraising.

The National Galleries of Scotland is grateful to receive support from a wide variety of sources. While every effort is made to ensure that the donor/sponsor’s wishes are met, there are occasions when it is not possible for the National Galleries of Scotland to accept a gift or sponsorship.

National Galleries of Scotland does not have a written set of guidelines on what is acceptable but considers each gift individually. Gifts/Sponsorships are assessed on three core principles:

  • It must support the aims of the National Galleries of Scotland
  • It should not damage the integrity or reputation of National Galleries of Scotland
  • It should not impinge on the artistic or academic freedom

If there is concern over the ethical nature of a gift/sponsorship the Director of Development & Communications should be notified.  The Director is responsible for monitoring gifts/sponsorships that are received by the National Galleries of Scotland, and reports to the Director-General and Senior Management Group if there are any concerns. Where appropriate, the matter will be referred to the Trustees of the National Galleries of Scotland.