Our Public Task

The public task of the National Galleries of Scotland (NGS), under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations S.I. 2015/1415, consists of the principal activities for which it is responsible under the National Heritage (Scotland) Act 1985. The full statute can be found in ‘About us/Who we are’, but in summary includes:

  • to care for, preserve and add to the objects in our collection
  • to ensure that the objects are exhibited to the public
  • to ensure that the objects are available for study or research
  • to promote the public's enjoyment and understanding of the fine arts
  • to provide education, instruction and advice, and to carry out research


The NGS’s public task also includes some customary practices for which we are responsible but for which there is no specific statutory or regulatory provision, which include:

  • Commissioning, lending, and loaning out of art
  • Providing conservation and restorations activities
  • Share knowledge, expertise, research and good practice with others who work or are interested in the Cultural and Heritage sector
  • Compliment the permanent collection by planning and hosting temporary and touring exhibitions
  • Provide a public programme of activities, including an education and outreach programme ,which supports groups such as schools and teachers, families and communities and , older people, in relation to exhibitions and the permanent collection
  • Engage in fundraising activities to support and promote the collection, galleries and organisation
  • Offer a membership programme
  • Production and publication of books, films and audio recordings and other content in support of the above tasks
  • Production of replicas or reproductions of works of art or of souvenirs
  • Sale of informative material in relation to works of art or replicas or souvenirs
  • Provision of additional facilities and activities supporting the visitor experience, such as retail and refreshment areas


Review of Public Task Statement

This statement is regularly reviewed and is due to be considered again no later than the end of 2018. If you have any queries on this public task statement you can submit them to secretariat@nationalgalleries.org If you have a complaint about the NGS under the Re-use Regulations, you can submit it using our general complaints handling process or direct to our Head of Performance and Planning.


Requests for re-use of information

If you wish to apply for access to our information under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations please email our Secretariat Team stating your requirements and purpose for this which you intent to use the information. A response, including costing information will be given within 28 days.


Pricing structure for re-use of information

Due to the variety of information we hold and the format it is held in, the cost to provide it for re-use will vary considerably. It is expected that a full pricing structure will be produced and a copy included on this page, but this is still in the early stages of development. In the interim, the price for any application to re-use our information will be considered carefully on a case by case basis to ensure costs are met. If the information has already been re-used then the cost will be the same.


Right to Refuse

The National Galleries of Scotland reserve the right to refuse requests for re-use of information under the Directive. Should this apply, the reason for refusal will be clearly explained, along with details on how to appeal that decision.