Urban Outfitters Window Art Comp Winner!

06 August 2014

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art was lucky enough to team up with Urban Outfitters to create a competition to design a window art display inspired by GENERATION: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland. Our lucky winner was Jennie Bates. Jennie’s winning design will be available for all to see from the end of this week in the window of the Urban Outfitters Princes Street Store, don’t miss it! In the meantime here’s some more info about Jennie.

Age: I'm 18

Occupation: Illustration student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

What was your inspiration behind your design? I was inspired by the idea of textiles, fashion and vanity as well as the actual locations of the galleries and shapes from a map. I also liked the idea of lots of artists coming together in each exhibition which was the idea behind the wool meeting in various focal points.

Jennie Bates Urban Outfitters Competition Designs

What was your favourite work from the GENERATION exhibition? I really liked Charles Avery's drawings in Modern One. I loved how there were so many interesting and funny details.

The Place of the Route of the If'en, Charles Avery, 2007 − © Charles Avery. All Rights Reserved, DACS 2015

Jennie Bates Urban Outfitters Competition Designs

How does this challenge compare to other projects which you’ve completed so far? This is the biggest project I have done so far, I have never done anything on such a large scale before which the public will see. I’m definitely feeling more pressure as people other than just my tutors and fellow students will be seeing the work!

Jennie Bates Urban Outfitters Competition Designs

Do you perceive there to be any particular challenges with the install? I think the install will be challenging as there are lots of different elements to the design so there will be a lot of work but I am so excited as it is totally unlike anything I have done before.

Urban Outfitters Window Art Comp Install

What are you hoping to spend your £500 Urban Outfitters voucher on? I am planning to spend my vouchers on lots of summer clothes for my trip to Croatia for Dimensions festival and maybe a winter coat.



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