National Galleries of Scotland's blog is here!

by Shona Cameron, 06 August 2014

Hello and welcome to the brand new National Galleries of Scotland’s blog!

With lots of exciting exhibitions going on, our summer programme is already in full-swing across all three National Galleries of Scotland sites: the Scottish National Gallery, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. What goes into making these exhibitions happen, and what else goes on behind the scenes at the three gallery sites? How do we look after a collection of over 96,000 works, and the millions of people who visit the galleries every year? From today this is the place to find out.

Use this blog to keep up to date with all the exciting things that are happening in and around the Galleries. This will include behind the scenes, upcoming exhibitions, new acquisitions and the latest news on what we have been up to, coming from a wide range of voices including conservators, curators, visitor service staff and educators.

We hope you enjoy this space and we look forward to reading your comments!


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