Storytelling - Stargazing stories (Ages 7+)

  • Sunday, 23rd November 2014, 2pm & 3pm (45 mins)
  • Free

Portrait Gallery (Scottish National Portrait Gallery)

Throughout the world people tell stories about the stars in the sky, why they have particular names and how they got there.

Join storyteller and musician Marion Kenny in the Great Hall of the Portrait Gallery, gaze up at the constellations on the ceiling overhead whilst being transported through the cosmos with traditional tales and tunes from around the globe. Hear Ancient Greek myths about Pegasus the winged horse and his master Bellerophon as they search for the terrifying monster known as the Chimaera. Look up at Medusa’s head and learn of the gorgon’s fateful encounter with the hero Perseus. Listen to an old Maori folktale, which explains how mischievous Maui tames the sun. Be enchanted by a story loved in both China and Japan about two stars which lie on either side of the Milky Way, the broad band of stars that you can see in the night sky.

No booking required: free, unticketed

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