Cleaning up Titian's Venice

  • Friday, 9th May 2014, 12.45-1.30pm
  • Free

Hawthornden Lecture Theatre - Gardens Entrance (Scottish National Gallery)

Exotic spices, vibrant pigments and sumptuous silks were just some of the goods which filled the trading emporium that was Titian’s Venice. It was said of this sensuous port that ‘most of her people are foreigners’. A cosmopolitan city, Venice was projected as the ‘most serene Republic’, in a divinely created site, protected and cleansed by its unique lagoon environment. Not everything fitted this immaculate image, however. Contemporaries voiced concerns about sources of immorality - such as prostitution and the city’s famous courtesans - and disease, particularly the plague. Dr Jane Stevens Crawshaw, Oxford Brookes University, will explore some of the exhibition’s paintings, alongside examples of sculpture and architecture, and illustrate the part that they played in a broad attempt to clean up the image and reality of this extraordinary 16th-century city.

No booking required: free, unticketed.

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