High speed Wi-Fi (wireless internet access) is free and available to all visitors to the Scottish National Gallery, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art using your own Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Our wireless network will show up on your device as 'NGS_Public_WiFi'. Once you have selected this wireless network you will need to open and refresh your internet browser, then review and accept the conditions page. Your browser will then be automatically forwarded to the Visit section of the National Galleries of Scotland website.

Our public Wi-Fi provides full internet access as well as enabling you to use many other online services including the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Wi-Fi coverage extends to most public spaces such as entrances, shops and cafes, and areas around information desks. Public Wi-Fi does not currently extend into exhibition spaces.

We encourage considerate use of mobile devices within the galleries. Check the FAQ section for more details.

If you experience difficulties with public Wi-Fi after attempting to connect to the network as described above please contact a Gallery Attendant.

Please note that as our public Wi-Fi is ‘open’. Visitors who use it to access or transmit sensitive information across the internet do so at their own risk. We recommend the use of HTTPS sites wherever possible.


We would like your feedback in order to continue improving our public Wi-Fi service. Please tell us if you have any comments or suggestions about the Wi-Fi service in the form below.

Wi-Fi Feedback