Scottish Painting: 1837 to the Present
  • Publisher Waverley Books Ltd
  • Size 27.6 x 20 x 2.5

Scottish Painting: 1837 to the Present

William R. Hardie

This book is now in its 3rd edition with a new introduction and final chapter. Illustrated throughout, the work is by acknowledged authority on Scottish painting William Hardie.

Scottish society has been reflected through the strong colour and energetic brushwork of its artists. The book traces the start of Scottish painting from the foundation of the Foulis Academy in 1753, with William Dyce and Scott Lauder establishing themselves in the south, followed by W Q Orchardson and John Pettie around 1860. European travel ensured Scottish painters were open to new techniques, and the explosion of the Glasgow Boys and then the Colourists onto the scene meant Scotland was respected for its innovation and imagination. The painting of John Byrne, Curister, and Peter Howson bring the book to the present day.


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