Scottish Miners
© Milton Rogovin 1982 Courtesy the Rogovin Collection, LLC

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Scottish Miners 1982
  • Scottish Art
This intriguing photograph was taken as part of Rogovin’s series ‘The Family of Miners’. Rogovin photographed the miners of Appalachia for twenty years from the 1960s, and, in the 1980s, received the W. Eugene Smith Award to extend his work to Europe, Asia, South Africa, China, Mexico and Cuba. He travelled to Scotland in 1982. As part of his mode of expression he would photograph the miners at work but also in a social context, showing the balance of life outside the dark, claustrophobic confines of a mine. Here a queue of several men line up outside a surgery. This alludes to the illnesses miners often contracted due to so many hours spent breathing coal dust.


  • Acc. No. PGP 371.12
  • Medium Silver gelatine print
  • Size 18.20 x 17.90 cm
  • Credit Gift 2006