General Sir David Baird, 1757 - 1829. Soldier

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General Sir David Baird, 1757 - 1829. Soldier 1802
This study of General Sir David Baird relates to Philip James de Loutherbourg’s famous paintings of ‘The Battle of Alexandria’ and ‘The Landing of British Troops at Aboukir’. Painted in 1802 this small watercolour shows Baird during the Egyptian campaigns, three years after his significant defeat of the Indian ruler of Mysore, Tippoo Saib, at Seringapatam in 1792. This was revenge for Baird who, in 1779, had been captured and imprisoned for four years by Tippoo’s father, Haidar ‘Ali.

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Anglo-Mysore Wars

The Anglo-Mysore Wars were a series of wars fought in India over the last three decades of the eighteenth century. The wars between the Kingdom of Mysore and the British East India Company lead to the dismantling of Mysore removing the single most powerful barrier to British control of southern India.


A paint with colouring and binding agents diluted with water. It has a transparent quality and is usually applied to paper.

Anglo-Mysore Wars, Watercolour


  • Acc. No. PG 2683 C
  • Medium Watercolour on paper
  • Size 10.70 x 8.90 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1986