David Deuchar, 1743 - 1808. Seal engraver

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David Deuchar, 1743 - 1808. Seal engraver 1787
  • Scottish Art
David Deuchar was a goldsmith, seal engraver and an amateur etcher. Deuchar was one of the first to have spotted the talent of the future portrait painter, Henry Raeburn, encouraging him to become a painter rather than a jeweller. This unusual portrait presents the sitter as if he were a classical marble bust, rather than a contemporary figure in everyday dress.

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Sculpted portrait consisting of the head and the top of the shoulders.


A general term for art and architecture based on ancient Greek and Roman culture.


A form of printmaking in which a metal plate is covered with a substance called a 'ground', usually wax, into which an image is drawn with a needle. Acid is applied, eroding the areas of the plate exposed but not the areas covered by wax. The action of the acid creates lines in the metal plate that hold the ink from which a print is made when the plate is pressed against paper under pressure.

Bust, Classicism, Etching


  • Acc. No. PG 980
  • Medium Pencil on paper
  • Size 5.30 x 4.60 cm
  • Credit Bequeathed by Miss Jane Deuchar 1925