The Magician's Mirror No. 3 [Opus 1450]
© Alan Davie

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The Magician's Mirror No. 3 [Opus 1450] 2000
  • Scottish Art
Davie's work is layered with symbols, found in sources as varied as American Indian pottery, cosmographic maps, ancient rock carvings, aboriginal art, Indian miniatures and even phrases from academic textbooks. Having completed this painting, Davie found the central portion reminiscent of a giant convex mirror, which the viewer looks up at or down on to, hence the title. Davie made several drawings on the same theme, as well as one gouache and another oil painting.

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Usually refers to watercolour mixed with white pigment that retains the fluidity of the former but without the transparency. The term body-colour is also used.


A painting or drawing, usually a portrait, on a very small scale. These were popular prior to the invention of photographic portraits in the 19th century.

Gouache, Miniature


  • Acc. No. GMA 4326
  • Medium Oil on canvas
  • Size 183.00 x 152.00 cm
  • Credit Presented by the artist 2000