Three Pots for the Poorhouse - Action Object
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Three Pots for the Poorhouse - Action Object 1974
This work is the record or embodiment of an 'Action' performed by Joseph Beuys in the dilapidated, former Edinburgh poorhouse on 10 June 1974. Beuys used three new cooking pots, painted black, to represent the human attribute of thinking, feeling and will. He walked slowly around the edges of one of the rooms offering up the pots to each of the walls. The pots were then put on the floor and tied to a pair of blackboards on which Beuys drew diagrams and works relating to the 'Action'.


  • Acc. No. GMA 1318
  • Medium Two blackboards with chalk, three cast-iron pots, cord
  • Size Boards 117.50 x 119.50 cm, 120.00 x 119.20 cm; pots 13.00 x 28.50 x 21.00 cm each
  • Credit Purchased 1974