Violoncelle dans l'espace [Cello in Space]
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Violoncelle dans l'espace [Cello in Space] 1967 - 1968
This work was made by pouring resin into a flat box, to the depth of about a centimetre, and inserting elements of the cello. Once set, another layer of resin could be poured, and more of the pieces added. The final work is like a cello frozen in space a fraction of a second after it has exploded. The sculpture is a development from the artist's 'Happenings', when he would smash up pianos, cars and even whole rooms. Arman attached the broken remains to panels but, from 1962, he began setting them in clear polyester resin, calling the series 'Colère' (Anger).


  • Acc. No. GMA 2793
  • Medium Fragmented cello in polyester resin
  • Size 127.90 x 48.60 x 14.60 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1983