Professor Sir Alexander Fleming, 1881-1955. Discoverer of penicillin

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Professor Sir Alexander Fleming, 1881-1955. Discoverer of penicillin Dated 1948


  • Scottish Art
This bronze cast was acquired the year after Sir Alexander Fleming's death, although the original sculpture was created in 1948. By this time Fleming was an international celebrity, showered with honours and awards for his contribution to the discovery of penicillin and his pioneering research on its antibacterial properties. Twenty years earlier he had made the world-famous observation of a mould inhibiting the growth of bacteria, suspecting that the mould, Penicillum notatum, had accidentally entered his laboratory through an open window. Although Fleming was a shy man, the sculptor E Roland Bevan would have had ample opportunity to study his features, as he was his snooker partner - or opponent - at the Chelsea Arts Club for many years.

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The production of a sculpture by use of a mould to make a copy, usually in a more durable material, of the original work. The term is used to describe both the process and the resulting object.



  • Acc. No. PG 1835
  • Medium Bronze
  • Size Height: 28.90 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1956