'The March of Bonnetism'. A Satire on Ladies Fashion

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'The March of Bonnetism'. A Satire on Ladies Fashion about 1827 - 1831
This humorous print shows the manufacture and exhibition of an enormous and flamboyant hat. The ridiculous creation is too heavy to actually wear, and requires rigging to support it. Just to the right of the ‘trying on’ scene, the hat is shown hanging by its ropes, with a notice saying ‘The suspension ties are out of order. It is requested that no lady will rashly venture under this hat.’ In the final scene, the notice has been ignored and the ropes have snapped, crushing the ladies below. The print is essentially a warning against following fashion slavishly, and implies that women will recklessly risk their lives for their appearance. Satirical prints like this were common in the early-nineteenth century, when fashion was often taken to extremes.


  • Acc. No. P 3014.14
  • Medium Coloured engraving on paper
  • Size Sheet: 29.20 x 40.50 cm
  • Credit Purchased by the Patrons of the National Galleries of Scotland 2000