Eifersucht [Jealousy]
© Munch Museum/Munch-Ellingsen Group, BONO, Oslo/DACS, London 2004

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Eifersucht [Jealousy] 1896
The gloomy-looking figure gazing out of this scene is Munch's friend, the Polish writer Stanislaw Przybyszewski. Munch had an affair with his friend's wife, which is what the imagery refers to. The lithograph relates to a similar painting by Munch of 1895, in which the nude female figure picks an apple from the tree behind her - a reference to the temptation of Adam by Eve. Munch was simultaneously attracted to, fearful of, and puzzled by women. These conflicting feelings are presented in his art: desire is tinged with pessimism, anxiety and melancholy.

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A printmaking technique using a stone or zinc plate to which the image is applied with a greasy material. After wetting the plate, greasy ink is applied. The ink sticks only to the drawn image and not the wet surface, thus creating a reproduction when applied to paper.



  • Acc. No. GMA 4287
  • Medium Lithograph on Japan paper
  • Size 47.00 x 56.50 cm (paper 55.50 x 71.10 cm)
  • Credit Purchased 1999