Eina Morta [Dead Tool]
© Fundacio Joan Brossa / DACS 2006

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Eina Morta [Dead Tool] 1988

On Display Modern Two

Although he is known primarily as an artist, Brossa’s object poems are only one branch of his wide conception of poetry. He believed that the idea rather than the medium was of central importance. Brossa began making object-poems in 1943, and they are typically perverse, ironic and humorous, either made by combining two unusual objects, or transforming an everyday item so that its function is removed. Here, a pair of scissors literally became a ‘dead tool,’ unable to be put to their intended use. Brossa’s love of magic and conjuring tricks can be connected to his playful object-poems. He explained that "Poetry and magic are the same thing. Art is a metamorphosis, basically, and magic too."


  • Acc. No. GMA 4714
  • Medium Steel mounted on wood
  • Size 13.50 x 6.50 x 0.50 cm (scissors) 21.80 x 21.80 x 2.40 (overall)
  • Credit Presented anonymously 2004