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© Rosalind Nashashibi 2004

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University Library 2004
  • Scottish Art
Shot in Glasgow University Library, this film explores how individuals use a communal space. It comprises interior footage of the library, contrasting deserted aisles and close-ups of shelves of books with shots of students engrossed in studying and using library facilities including computers, keyboards and lifts. By unobtrusively filming students and editing the film rhythmically like a piece of music, Nashashibi highlights the routines and patterns behind our everyday activities, which would usually go unnoticed. The film runs to around seven minutes long and has no dialogue or music, only background noise.


  • Acc. No. GMA 4754
  • Medium Film on DVD (7 minutes)
  • Size Dimensions variable
  • Credit Purchased with funds from the Cecil and Mary Gibson Bequest 2004