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  • Cathy Wilkes
We Are Pro Choice
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We Are Pro Choice 2007
  • Scottish Art
Although Wilkes is resolutely opposed to explanatory texts and has avoided making detailed comments on her work, there are certain themes which are common to her installations. This work occupies an entire room and offers a cryptic, deliberately enigmatic, meditation on a woman’s life, childbearing, the passing of time and the issue of career versus traditional household ‘duties’. Two possible and contrasting lifestyle choices seem to be offered – up a career ladder or sitting on a toilet. The title alludes to the right to abortion, but here it has a more wide-ranging meaning relating to other life choices. The work is intentionally puzzling, comprising familiar, yet unfamiliar, objects. Close examination however, reveals a narrative which is shared by many of us.

Glossary Open

Installation art

An art practice developed in the second half of the 20th century that broke away from the view of a sculpture as a singular object to be looked at. Instead, installation artists create an environment that may surround the viewer. Many are temporary or created for a particular location.

Installation art


  • Acc. No. GMA 5083
  • Medium 3 glass bell ornaments, 1 china bell, 1 broken green glass, 2 china cups, 2 glasses, 1 broken plastic glass, 1 broken clock face, 4 clock hands, staples, 2 latex casts of ladder steps with wooden/ wire/metal hanging device, 40cm metal bar. 1 cloth, dried
  • Size Dimensions variable
  • Credit Purchased with the assistance of the Art Fund 2009