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  • Stephanie Smith and Edward Stewart
Breathing Space
© Smith/Stewart

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Breathing Space 1997
  • Scottish Art
'Breathing Space' comprises two wall-sized video projections, shown at right-angles to each other. The viewer can hear the amplified sound of the constricted breathing of the two figures, as the plastic bags over their heads are sucked in and expelled, rustling noisily. The figures are separated yet united in their struggle. The bizarre scene carries associations of torture, violence and sadomasochism, but it is also visually arresting and full of black humour. Watching the motionless heads in a dark, claustrophobic space, it seems like some sort of game or punishment. Deliberately fraught with contradictions, this seemingly vicious work is about breath - the stuff of life.


  • Acc. No. GMA 4195
  • Medium Double colour DVD projection installation, with sound (3/3) 19mins 45sec
  • Size Dimensions variable
  • Credit Purchased 1998