Mickey Mouse
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Mickey Mouse 1967
  • Scottish Art
This was a preliminary essay for a larger tapestry commissioned by the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. This test piece, which is based on a screenprint, explores the possibilities of transferring images from an industrial medium into the more traditional craft of weaving. The tapestry was woven at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh by Fred Mann, Douglas Grierson and Maureen Hodge under the direction of Archie Brennan.

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When an individual or organisation employs an artist to execute a particular project, the process and the resulting work are termed a ‘commission’.

Medium/ media

The material from which an artwork is made, e.g. oil paint, bronze, paper. 'Medium' is also used for the liquid element of paint in which a colouring agent is carried. 'Mixed media' is used when an artist combines several different materials in an artwork.


A print made by forcing ink through a screen on which a stencil is placed. Traditionally used for commercial printing, it has been taken up by artists since the 1960s when it was used extensively in Pop art.


A fabric with an ornamental or pictorial design woven into it.

Commission, Medium/ media, Screenprint, Tapestry


  • Acc. No. GMA 4067
  • Medium Tapestry
  • Size 160.00 x 170.50 cm
  • Credit Bequeathed by Gabrielle Keiller 1995