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  • Katie Paterson
Light bulb to Simulate Moonlight
© Katie Paterson

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Light bulb to Simulate Moonlight 2008
  • Scottish Art
‘Light bulb to Simulate Moonlight’ was produced in conjunction with the lighting company OSRAM. It contains a sufficient quantity of light bulbs to provide a person with a lifetime supply of simulated moonlight. Each bulb burns for 2000 hours, and a ‘lifetime’ contains 289 bulbs, a calculation based on the average life-span for a human being alive in 2008 (when the artist produced the work). The viewer enters the darkened room and encounters a light bulb suspended on a long cable from the ceiling. The rest of the bulbs are lined up on shelves, awaiting their turn.


  • Acc. No. GMA 5172
  • Medium Set of 289 light bulbs with halogen filament, frosted coloured shell, 28W, 4500K
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  • Credit Purchased with help from the Knapping Fund 2011