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  • Alex Pollard
© Courtesy the artist and Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow

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Figures 2006
  • Scottish Art
This work is typical of Pollard’s playful exploration of materials and notions of concealment and artifice, which in turn question the status of the object. On initial inspection the two ‘stick’ figures appear to be constructed from fragments of ordinary graphite pencils, stuck together with blue-tack. In a Futurist-inspired capture of movement, one figure appears to have punched the other, bending it backwards. The figures are, however, cast in bronze and precisely painted to resemble the Staedtler pencils they masquerade as. Originally the figures were made of plaster but the artist decided to re-cast them in bronze to ensure their longevity.

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The production of a sculpture by use of a mould to make a copy, usually in a more durable material, of the original work. The term is used to describe both the process and the resulting object.


An Italian literary and artistic movement that began in 1909 led by the writer Filippo Tommasso Marinetti. It rejected the culture of the past and embraced new technology, emphasising speed and dynamism. It used the Cubist techniques of fragmentation and shifting viewpoints to represent these ideals in paint. Futurism also had a political aspect and was closely associated with Italian Fascism.

Cast, Futurism


  • Acc. No. GMA 4824
  • Medium Oil and enamel on bronze
  • Size 23.00 x 24.00 x 3.50 cm
  • Credit Purchased with the assistance of the Standard Life Gift Acquisitions Fund, 2007