A cloudless walk (from the portfolio Travaux Publics, Public Works)
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A cloudless walk (from the portfolio Travaux Publics, Public Works) 1996
Richard Long’s art originates in walks made in Britain and abroad. In addition to photographing sculptures made along the way and producing annotated maps of his routes, he also records the walks in text form. He describes walking as art as ‘an ideal means for me to explore relationships between time, distance, geography and measurement.’ Long sets himself unique and specific routes - this work records a walk he made in France in 1995. This image is from the ‘Travaux Publics, Public Works’ portfolio, which explores different ways of using text and language in art. Each artist made a proposal for a work which was shown in a public space as well as being reproduced in the portfolio.

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A group of art works, by one or more artists, issued or housed together in a portfolio case. This often applies to photographs or prints, and portfolios often include a title page or introductory text. The term is also used to describe a group of works which exemplify an artist's work overall.



  • Acc. No. GMA 4192 M
  • Medium Screenprint on paper
  • Size 40.00 x 50.00 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1997