Untitled, from 'Constructed Narratives'
© Calum Colvin

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Untitled, from 'Constructed Narratives' 1985
  • Scottish Art
This photograph is one of a series from the exhibition ‘Constructed Narratives’, which saw Colvin exhibit alongside fellow Scottish artist, Ron O’Donnell. Colvin’s early interest in sculpture led him to develop his unique style of 'constructed photography', creating small sets from everyday objects to resemble domestic interiors, which he then painted and photographed. The exhibition, which was held in 1986, aimed to challenge and blur the established definitions surrounding photography at that time. The work of both Colvin and O’Donnell in ‘Constructed Narratives’ incorporated motifs from painting and sculpture to create images which new way to consider photography.


  • Acc. No. PGP 83.1
  • Medium Cibachrome colour print
  • Size 19.20 x 24.10 cm (paper: 20.30 x 25.40 cm)
  • Credit Purchased