Newhaven boy ('King Fisher' or 'His Faither's Breeks')

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Newhaven boy ('King Fisher' or 'His Faither's Breeks') 1843 - 1847
  • Scottish Art
This is the only Newhaven child shown alone in a calotype. The title, His Faither’s Breeks, implies that this boy is an orphan and has inherited his father’s trousers, as well as his work and responsibilities. Fishing was a profitable but dangerous profession, and children whose fathers had been drowned at sea were not uncommon. Hill and Adamson took about 120 calotypes in the fishing village of Newhaven, documenting the life and work of its inhabitants. The fishing community was self-sufficient and close-knit; fishermen and women married amongst themselves and raised their children in the fishing tradition. Founded around 1570, the Society of Free Fishermen played a large role in the community, providing help in times of need and protecting the widows and orphans.

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The first effective version of photography, using drawing or writing paper for both the negative and the positive. The paper was sensitised with potassium iodide and silver nitrate, exposed and developed in gallic acid and silver nitrate.



  • Acc. No. PGP HA 303
  • Medium Calotype print
  • Size 19.50 x 14.20 cm
  • Credit Provenance unknown