Illustration to 'The Cottar's Saturday Night'

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Illustration to 'The Cottar's Saturday Night' about 1790
  • Scottish Art
'The Cottar's Saturday Night' was published in 1786 and tells the story of a young man's adventures one evening while visiting his beloved. The subject of the poem was charged with personal associations and observed from direct experience. Burns's father was himself a Cottar (a landless peasant employed on a farm and provided with a cottage attached to the farm building). In the poem, the verses are divided into sections of patriotic and religious commentary, which are written in English; the descriptions of the Cottar's home and his daughter Jenny and her young man, are written in Scots.


  • Acc. No. D 3961
  • Medium Brush and grey wash over pencil on paper, laid down
  • Size 21.30 x 26.80 cm
  • Credit Sir Hew Hamilton Dalrymple Gift 1938