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Battery 1959
  • Artist Rooms
This collage refers to the artist's interest in sources of energy and power. A battery can be either a portable source of energy, or an instrument that converts chemical to electrical energy. Used as a motif, the battery would have appealed to the artist for its capacity to store or transform energy and in its ability to convert one type of energy to another. Beuys later used the concept of the battery in his series of sculptural works called 'Fonds'.

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An image constructed from found materials, such as photographs, paper or fabric, glued to a surface, sometimes with additional painted or drawn elements. It is an art form particularly associated with Dada and Surrealism.


A distinctive element in a work of art or design.

Collage, Motif


  • Acc. No. AR00110
  • Medium Graphite on board on oil paint on paper
  • Size 24.00 x 25.20 cm
  • Credit ARTIST ROOMS National Galleries of Scotland and Tate. Acquired jointly through The d'Offay Donation with assistance from the National Heritage Memorial Fund and the Art Fund 2008