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  • Goffredo Wals
Landscape with Christ and Saint John the Baptist

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Landscape with Christ and Saint John the Baptist about 1625 - 1638

On Display Scottish National Gallery

This painting’s circular composition and evocative Italian landscape are typical of Wals, although somewhat unusually for him, he included two figures in the foreground. Although it is supposed that the figures are Christ and Saint John the Baptist, the lack of any narrative makes this identification uncertain. The figures might possibly be apostles or Christ and Saint Peter. Wals seemed to reject narrative in most of his paintings, concentrating instead on the landscape and the buildings that populate it, as well as the effects of light. In this painting, the building on the far bank of the river may be based on the Tor di Quinto on the Tiber near Rome.

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  • Acc. No. NG 2516
  • Medium Oil on copper
  • Size Circular: 28.50 cm
  • Credit Purchased with the assistance of the Art Fund 1990