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  • Albert Watson
Sean Connery, b. 1930. Actor
Photo by Albert Watson

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Sean Connery, b. 1930. Actor 2003
  • Scottish Art
Edinburgh-born Sean Connery tried his hand at being a milkman, lifeguard, coffin-polisher and artists' model before the James Bond movies propelled him to stardom. Connery takes a lively interest in Scottish politics. He has also endowed the Scottish Education Trust with the profits of the film 'Diamonds Are Forever'. This portrait by Scottish photographer, Albert Watson, shows Connery in an Indiana Jones-style cap, reminiscent of the one Harrison Ford wore in the 1989 film which saw Connery play Professor Henry Jones. The lighting and low viewpoint of this image contributes to Connery appearing to have a heroic quality.


  • Acc. No. PGP 803
  • Medium archival pigment print on aluminium
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  • Credit Gift of the photographer 2011