Deer, Isle of Arran
© Eva Vermandel

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Deer, Isle of Arran June 2009
  • Scottish Art
This work belongs to Vermandel’s series of photographs entitled ‘Splinter’. The series is concerned with capturing aspects of everyday life, encouraging the viewer to take notice of what they might have normally overlooked. She utilises a long-focus lens and the smallest aperture possible, which together give the illusion that she is closer to the subject that she really is. This is true of this work where it appears that the photographer is almost leaning over the unassuming animal. The deer’s alert ears reveal its cautiousness of surrounding noises, yet it remains curled on the grass. The muted colours and tonal range flattens the image and encourages a consideration of the surface, with the intricacies of the grass on an equal footing to that of the animal’s fur.


  • Acc. No. PGP 780.3
  • Medium C-type print
  • Size 29.80 x 36.80 cm