Monique, Stroud Green
© Eva Vermandel

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Monique, Stroud Green August 2006
  • Scottish Art
This work belongs to Vermandel’s series of photographs entitled ‘Splinter’, which documents aspects of everyday life. In the way she takes the photographs, using a long-focus lens and the smallest aperture possible, Vermandel makes the viewer take notice of what they might have normally overlooked. In this image the way the subject sits creates an interesting composition, with her legs jutting out of the frame and of focus. This directs attention on the detail of her hands, torso and face. Vermandel’s interest in traditional genres, such as still life and portraiture, is reflected in the emphasis she places on such simple details as the veins in Monique’s hand and the lines of her limbs.

Glossary Open


When an individual or organisation employs an artist to execute a particular project, the process and the resulting work are termed a ‘commission’.


A French term that denotes different types of paintings, such as landscape, portrait or still life. The phrase ‘genre painting’ is used specifically to describe works depicting everyday scenes.

Commission, Genres


  • Acc. No. PGP 780.6
  • Medium C-type print
  • Size 36.80 x 29.90 cm