Trailer, Lamlash
© Eva Vermandel

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Trailer, Lamlash June 2009
  • Scottish Art
Taken on the Isle of Arran, this image is part of Vermandel’s series called ‘Splinter’. The series is concerned with capturing aspects of everyday life, drawing attention to them and encouraging the viewer to consider them in new ways. Here, Vermandel has photographed various bits of wood, perhaps chairs, tied to the top of a trailer. The way in which the wood is stacked, interlocking and fixed with rigging, creates an angled jumble that contrast to the organic shapes of the background landscape and tarpaulin. The warm shades of the wood foreground it against the blue tones of the rest of the image.


  • Acc. No. PGP 780.4
  • Medium C-type print
  • Size 29.90 x 36.90 cm