Sir Charles Wogan, about 1685 - 1754. Jacobite

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Sir Charles Wogan, about 1685 - 1754. Jacobite
  • Scottish Art
Wogan was a lifelong supporter of the Jacobite cause, stating: “I shall always be ready to do what service I can for the cause I have ever much at heart”. Born in Ireland, Wogan moved to England in 1712 and soon after was involved in the 1715 Rising. He was captured and charged with treason but managed to escape before trial and fled to France. Meeting James Francis Edward Stuart, the Jacobite claimant to the throne, in Avignon, Wogan became friends with James and set about helping him select a suitable bride. They chose Maria Clementina Sobieska but whilst travelling to meet her suitor she was captured at the behest of the British government. In 1719, Wogan orchestrated an audacious rescue and she was freed. For this he was made a Roman senator by the Pope and colonel and Irish baronet by James.

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Jacobitism was a movement to restore the descendants of the Stuart King James VII and II to the British throne. The first claimant, Prince James Francis Edward (known as 'the Old Pretender') was exiled first in France, then Italy, from where he planned unsuccessful attempts to claim the throne. His son Prince Charles Edward (known as 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' or 'the Young Pretender') famously invaded Britain in 1745, but after some military successes was finally defeated at Culloden in 1746.



  • Acc. No. BLAIKIE 3.4
  • Medium Engraving on paper
  • Size
  • Credit On permanent loan from the National Library of Scotland