A Man with his Arms Outstretched

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A Man with his Arms Outstretched 1560s
This drawing has traditionally been attributed to Jacopo Tintoretto, but it has recently been suggested that it may be by his son Domenico, whose early style was very similar to his father’s. Although the sheet bears the inscription ‘Giacomo Tintoretto’, this is not in the artist’s handwriting and was added at a later date. This drawing does, however, share qualities that are found in Jacopo’s figure studies of the 1560s, particularly the elongated limbs, small head and the unusually high viewpoint. The sheet is squared up for transfer, and it may have been used for a figure in a painting, although no corresponding figure has been found in either Jacopo or Domenico’s surviving work.

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Text written on a book, document or artwork. Examples include the added information such as edition number and date on a print, or a dedication written in a book.


Even grid lines are drawn over an image, usually a drawing. This is done to facilitate easier transfer or enlargement of the design.

Inscription, Squared


  • Acc. No. D 758
  • Medium Black chalk on faded blue paper, laid down (squared)
  • Size 34.40 x 23.50 cm
  • Credit David Laing Bequest to the Royal Scottish Academy transferred 1910