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  • Paul Simonon
Spots Car Painting
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Spots Car Painting 1998
This was Hirst's first collaborative work, painted for the Aids charity Crusaid. Paul Simonon was an art student in the mid-1970s before leaving to play bass guitar for the punk band The Clash. Since the demise of The Clash in 1984 he has become a full-time painter. Simonon painted the Citroën car and Hirst added his trademark spots over the top. Hirst has produced a series of spot paintings, featuring spots of regular size and distribution, painted on canvases of different shapes and sizes.


  • Acc. No. GMA 4205
  • Medium Household gloss and oil on canvas
  • Size 112.10 x 173.20 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1998