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  • Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson, 1777 - 1845. Miniature painter (Self-portrait)

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Andrew Robertson, 1777 - 1845. Miniature painter (Self-portrait) 1811


  • Scottish Art
Painted on ivory, this self-portrait has been mounted on a brooch. The brooch is designed to swivel round, revealing a gold cupid, dog and harp on the reverse. Robertson, one of the finest Scottish miniaturists, studied under Alexander Nasmyth and Sir Henry Raeburn. This miniature shows Robertson's typical style of painting, characterised by clear drawing and forceful modelling. Although the artist lived and worked in London for most of his life, the tartan he wears reminds the viewer of Robertson's Scottish background.

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A painting or drawing, usually a portrait, on a very small scale. These were popular prior to the invention of photographic portraits in the 19th century.


This can mean the representation of three-dimensional forms in two dimensions so that they appear solid, or it can refer to the practice of creating a three-dimensional form out of a malleable substance such as wax or clay.

Miniature, Modelling


  • Acc. No. PG 2741
  • Medium Watercolour on ivory set in octagonal brooch
  • Size Height: 3.20 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1988