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  • Elizabeth Price
User Group Disco
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User Group Disco 2009
This work is the second video in Price’s series ‘New, Ruined Institute’. Each episode in the series takes place in a different room within a fictional institution created by the artist. ‘User Group Disco’ is set in the Hall of Sculptures, although only a series of mundane objects and utensils are visible, swirling in a black void. There is no evident architecture or human presence. Text flashes up on the screen which builds a narrative about these objects, the institution which holds them and the desire for consumerism. The work is accompanied by an immersive soundtrack developed especially for the video.


  • Acc. No. GMA 5177
  • Medium 15 minutes, HD video, colour, sound
  • Size
  • Credit Gifted through the Contemporary Art Society's Acquisitions Scheme, 2011