Agnes Miller Parker, 1895 - 1980. Artist
© Estate of William McCance

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Agnes Miller Parker, 1895 - 1980. Artist Dated 1925
  • Scottish Art
William McCance moved to London in 1919 or 1920 with his wife, Agnes Miller Parker. This portrait of his wife is rendered in the vorticist style, with angular forms accentuated by shading in black chalk. McCance was one of very few Scottish artists to follow the Vorticism path. Miller Parker was herself an artist and had, like McCance, trained at Glasgow School of Art. She went on to become a well-known wood engraver and book illustrator.

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The printmaking technique in which an image is inscribed on a copper plate with a tool that cuts a groove in the surface. This groove holds the ink that creates the print when it is applied to paper. Also refers to the method of making an incision on a material such as glass.


A radical English art movement of the early 20th century led by Wyndham Lewis. Influenced by the Futurists, they favoured urban, industrial subjects and promoted a hard-edged, angular style.

Engraving, Vorticism


  • Acc. No. GMA 3433
  • Medium Black chalk on paper
  • Size 38.00 x 50.80 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1988