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  • Alphonse Mucha

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Peonies 1897 - 1898
This is an original watercolour for a printed fabric. Although the individual flowers are detailed, retaining an element of naturalism, Mucha has stylized the stems to create the sensual curving lines associated with the art nouveau style. The thick, dark outlines of the flowers and flat areas of colour are also a feature of Art Nouveau. Mucha has used soft, pastel colours for the flowers and included gentle curving shapes in the background.

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Art nouveau

Decorative art style popular in Europe and North America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is characterised by flowing lines based on plant forms.


Art based on the observation of objects rather than on theoretical or stylistic concerns.


To represent something in accordance with artistic convention rather than its actual appearance.


A paint with colouring and binding agents diluted with water. It has a transparent quality and is usually applied to paper.

Art nouveau, Naturalism, Stylization, Watercolour


  • Acc. No. GMA 4678
  • Medium Ink and watercolour
  • Size 95.00 x 79.50 cm (framed 116.84 x 99.06 cm)
  • Credit Purchased with the assistance of the Patrons of the National Galleries of Scotland 2003