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  • Jean Louis Lemoyne
Philippe, Duke of Orléans, 1674 - 1723. Regent of France

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Philippe, Duke of Orléans, 1674 - 1723. Regent of France about 1720
This bust was acquired from the Count of Paris, a direct descendant of the sitter. Philippe, Duke of Orléans, was grand patron of Lemoyne, and a great collector of Old Master Paintings. The gems of his collection subsequently made their way into the collection of the Dukes of Sutherland, who have generously lent them to the Scottish National Gallery since 1945/6. An inscription on the bust states that Philippe was forty-five years old and Regent of France when it was made. Lemoyne had worked for both Kings Louis XIV and XV of France, so it was appropriate that he should also create a bust of Philippe during his regency. He is shown wearing a flamboyant wig (peruke) and chest armour.

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Sculpted portrait consisting of the head and the top of the shoulders.


Text written on a book, document or artwork. Examples include the added information such as edition number and date on a print, or a dedication written in a book.

Old Master

Term used to denote painters from the Renaissance until 1800, or their works.


The support given to artists by an individual or organisation, usually through buying or funding their work.

Bust, Inscription, Old Master, Patronage


  • Acc. No. NG 2695
  • Medium Bronze
  • Size Height: 40.00 cm
  • Credit Purchased with the assistance of funds from the Patrons of the National Galleries of Scotland and the Art Fund 1998