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  • Abigail Lane
Dinomouse Sequel Mutant X
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Dinomouse Sequel Mutant X 1997
The print combines a film-still of a dinosaur in a landscape from the fantasy adventure film ‘One Million Years BC’, with an image of a mouse with a human ear grafted onto it. The mutant mouse was created by scientists as the first step in replacing damaged or missing human body parts. The artist comments: ‘I think the ear-winged mouse has a mythical quality, an aberration to match any unicorn, faun or mermaid.’ This work is from a portfolio of prints by eleven different London-based artists, called ‘Screen’. The title is taken from the screenprint technique but also refers to the fact that most of the artists had worked with film or photography.

Glossary Open


A group of art works, by one or more artists, issued or housed together in a portfolio case. This often applies to photographs or prints, and portfolios often include a title page or introductory text. The term is also used to describe a group of works which exemplify an artist's work overall.


A print made by forcing ink through a screen on which a stencil is placed. Traditionally used for commercial printing, it has been taken up by artists since the 1960s when it was used extensively in Pop art.

Portfolio, Screenprint


  • Acc. No. GMA 4200 F
  • Medium Screenprint on paper
  • Size 30.50 x 63.50 cm (paper 56.80 x 88.30 cm)
  • Credit Purchased 1998