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  • Paul Kenny
'Downpatrick Head' from the series 'Catch a Wave'
© Paul Kenny

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'Downpatrick Head' from the series 'Catch a Wave' 2002
Paul Kenny made the empty beaches on the west coast of Scotland his favourite retreat, taking found objects from the sea and the coast back to his studio. Initially he was interested in 'particularly beautiful objects', then for 'material collected at random'. Eventually Kenny began to take home sea water. He would then construct negatives on clear acetate or glass by 'repeatedly applying drops of sea water and waiting for it to dry' so that the salt crystals formed a regular pattern. His photographs combine industrial and natural materials to produce enticing abstracted forms.

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A transparent sheet made from cellulose that is resistant to grease, oil, and dust. Because of this quality, it is used for photographic film and magnetic tapes, and as a protective material.

Found material

Existing objects or images that are incorporated into an artwork. A found object that is treated as an artwork without modification is known as a readymade.

Acetate, Found material


  • Acc. No. PGP 288.11
  • Medium Silver gelatine print, selenium toned
  • Size 49.40 x 39.60 cm
  • Credit Purchased 2002